Alien Disclosure 2013

Published on December 18, 2013 with No Comments

This is a good short video from Larry King with several reputable witnesses discussing their knowledge of UFO’s and alien disclosure. The freedom of information act is releasing this information to the public archives. They are going over the information now and it will take years to have it all processed for security before it can be released. Stay tuned to Alien Opacity for more news as it becomes available. Included in the video is more information from Nick Pope the British Defense Minister. The alien disclosure from Britain is a big step in revealing the truth. Why does the US refuse to admit this. Everyone is opening their files but the US. Is it because we actually reverse engineered a craft and no one needs to know yet? Very few people are willing to talk about UFO’s. Even a colonel in the air force here is not treated the same once they talk about it. All he wants to say is he saw something he can not explain. Why are people still looking for UFO’s in videos and pictures and not believing them when the truth is being told by world leaders. World leaders and defense ministers are not going to put their reputations on the line for a false hood about a UFO. Trust me.