Alien Visitors from Sirius

Published on December 01, 2012 with No Comments

The Sirius star is visible to the human eye. Over time many stargazers from ancient history up to today have watched the brightest star in the sky, although it is 8.6 light-years from Earth. In fact, it is speculated that ancient Egyptians may have even aligned the pyramids with Sirius in mind. But it was not until 1862 that astronomers discovered a second sirius star, a dwarf sun, and named it Sirius B. The original larger star was renamed Sirius A! Now for the first time in astronomical history, scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope isolated light from the white solar dwarf known as Sirius B orbiting its huge and bright companion, Sirius A, in the constellation Canis Major. Since the Sirius B discovery in 1862, astronomers have been frustrated by the intense glow of Sirius A overwhelming their ability to observe and weigh the small and dense, Sirius B. This information was recently published by the Royal Astronomical Society. In mythology the Dogon tribe believe that the starting point of creation is a star that revolves around Sirius known as the ‘Digitaria star’. Their understanding is that this star is small, but heavy, and contains the building elements of creation.” The Nummo came from the Sirius star system and resembled serpents, lizards, chameleons and fish! How the isolated Dogon tribe have scientific information concerning stars parsecs away and invisible to the naked eye. How did they do this before the ability to write this history. Yes this is afact that astronomers are just confirming today. A fact similar to the knowledge of the Egyptian star charts being writtend from outer planets to earth. So much truth has been lost and hidden from us.