Boyd Bushman Formerly of the SKUNK Works

Published on December 09, 2012 with No Comments

Seriously do you really need to know a sixty year old secret? I think it is time for us to know the truth. We flew out first anti gravity craft in the fifties a decade after the Roswell crash. Yeah it was tethered to a power cable but we are way beyond that first working model today in 2012. Boyd Bushman has built the Apparatus and Method for amplifying a magnetic beam – US Patent Issued on July 27, 1999. The technology involves the careful spinning of the liquid metal Mercury. In this video Boyd Bushman demonstrates the spinning CELT I think he called it. Its about the three thirty minute mark. It is an incredible display of energy and when you couple that with mercury you are able to generate huge magnetic forces and propulsion. His experiments on the Hutchinson effect show that magnetism can cancel gravity. Basically he took two rocks one with a pair of super magnets bolted together inside the rock and the other without the magnets. The one with bolted super magnets produced a three foot radius magnetic field around the rock. that is the increases the repulsive force. The result of dropping these two items from some height within the gravitational pull of the earth was that the rock with the magnets arrived later. This is incredibly significant in the world pf physics and shows the link between magnetic and gravity. An incredibly important step in finding the unified field theories that Relativity have somewhat led us away from. Boyd Bushman was a major leading player in the work done at the SKUNK Works over the last few decades. This is another high ranking official trying to release the skepticism in Americans so we can open our borders and our minds to the Visitors. Boyd Bushman confirms that we have nuclear powered magnetic propulsion craft that can reach heights of 60,000 feet and operate with distance specifications in the thousands of miles. Once again there are no Aliens because America does not believe in them and the true Exo-Political party in charge is not yet ready to take a step forward. Sixty years of darkness is too long already. Most Americans are UFO skeptics, have not really researched what is going on and don’t want to be laughed at. I must be crazy but I think this is the scientist who created the craft and is describing parts of the technological road map from finding the craft, to measuring the craft dynamics, duplicating the dynamics and prototyping working models. Less than 10K hits on youtube for a man who built the magnetic propulsion technology. Then again I am not a skeptic anymore.