Edward Snowden Claims of Aliens

Published on January 14, 2014 with No Comments

The Iranian news agency Fars News is claiming that the US is run by a Nazi based group of aliens out of Nevada. Does that explain our nearly Nazi like changes by the Administration? The similarities between the two leaders is striking in some areas. The course that America is under taking is similar as well. Where are we headed under the Obama Administration? The source of all of this is of course Edward Snowden who claims the reason for all of the NSA spying is aliens. Of course even the Paul Hellyer of the Canadian Defense Ministry claims this to be the case. Edward Snowden claim of aliens seems a bit like just more fuel on the fire to me. You can’t believe everything you read or hear. Can you? We have troubles in America but would our Administration lead us down a similar path? I have to hope not. Are we led by aliens? Maybe. Did the aliens help Nazi Germany? I don’t think so. The aliens certainly could have helped them win the war. Instead the USA won the war so what does that say about superiority. We have something on our side whether it is God, aliens or the power of the people. Perhaps it is all three that makes the USA strong. Is the USA run by aliens? I don’t think so in the way that they don’t make the decisions. Is our Admin influenced by aliens? Certainly they are. To what extent I am not sure that even the President needs to know.