Government Officials 2012 UFO Encounters

Published on December 02, 2012 with No Comments

In 2012 reputable people are telling us that Aliens exist, Aliens knowingly have been visiting Earth in the last decades and that the US wields Alien technology. Get ready for your own UFO encounters. These people include both the Canadian and the British Ministers of Defense, Dr. Michio Kaku, Robert Jamison, Buzz Aldrin and other Air Force Officers. Government people from seven nations met to discuss their encounters. Why would these people risk embarrassment by lying. Many things are debunked and proven to have other explanations. Many things can not be. All through history the discussions have been of flying beings from other worlds. Why do we simply disregard this as fiction and mythology. Why do the ancients have such a better model for the solar system than we do. To the point they can define it on a circle that encodes the rotation of our planet in the solar system. Of course no one will believe that Aliens exist until we have them in a press conference. People think this is a ploy to get funding in some way. Perhaps these people believe that the truth needs to be known. Perhaps they are crying wolf to us and we do not listen. What would you do if they announced on TV that Aliens may be coming to a town near you? It is time to start thinking about this. Its amazing that lack of research done on this subject. These are Ministers of Defense who were skeptics that are now telling us the US is covering up the truth about Alien visitors.