Haller Classified Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill

Published on February 03, 2014 with No Comments

Almost this entire speech in preparation for passing the Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill is classified. John Haller is describing the bill H.R 8791 aka “Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill”. In this speech John Haller describes other worldly beings that are larger and stronger than us. The need to prepare secret underground birthing centers. The bill appropriates a “classified” sum of money to protect us from an attack from terrorists or “classified” Quite frankly this speech is scary as all hell when you realize what has been omitted and is classified for even a representative to know about. John Haller “I am sorry. This section is classified”. The entire speech is riddled with secret “Classified” terminology that is removed. Classified flesh eating, Air Force to be used to combat classified because of their enormous size and other worldly strength. Preparation of birthing centers, in the terms that we have the threat of becoming extinct as a human race? Well I am glad they did not classify “other worldly strength”. Think about that statement. They know something they are not telling us about other worldly creatures. Giants of myth? I do not think this is altered from the original video. The pausing and vocalizations appear to me to be right on track. I personally do not like filling in the classified blanks for this speech. This video is several years old still…. What are they not telling us?