Larry King UFO Disclosure is Near Part 3

Published on December 02, 2012 with No Comments

In part three of this interview Larry King is asking if the UFO disclosure is near. It is. This is not a lugging matter. Why do most people think UFO’s are a joke? I think our society has been fed so much malarkey and science fiction that we need a press conference with Aliens to believe the facts. It is time to get ready for a news release that we are not alone. The more people that become accepting of this change in our world the sooner the governments will feel safe letting us know. The truth. This part three of a a four part series. Why would all these people face humiliation by lining? There is a government within our government. You thought MIB was just a movie about the FBI and Aliens. The agencies that interact with Alien Visitors are more real than imaginary. This is another message that is loaded with recorded facts involving radar images. Objects that can dance around our jet aircraft at distances of hundreds of miles in a matter of seconds. This is another video with less than twenty thousand viewers in December 2012. The message is that there are craft in our sky that have created a national security issue for the US, Canada and Britain. We should not be fearful. The Aliens have made moves to help us and steer us from our path to destruction. They will help us with technology. We must be willing to accept our new friends. Are you ready for the news that is going to be disclosed soon?