Larry King UFO Disclosure Part 1

Published on December 02, 2012 with No Comments

In part one of this interview Larry King is asking if the UFO disclosure is near. It is. High level officials like governors and defense ministers and , military officials and pilots from all over the world will be discussing their UFO sightings and encounters. This group or reputable people are asking the US government to take an active role in the investigations. This part one of a a four part series. This is another message that is loaded with excellent testimonials and facts. Another video with less than twenty thousand viewers in December 2012. The message is that there are craft in our sky that have created a national security issue for the US, Canada and Britain. We should not be fearful. The Aliens have made moves to help us and steer us from our path to destruction. They will help us with technology. We must be willing to accept our new friends. Reputable people by the dozens are seeing these craft and disclosing government programs. The truth will soon be disclosed on a national level.