Paul Hellyer Canadian Defense Minister 2012 UFO

Published on December 02, 2012 with No Comments

Paul Hellyer is a former Canadian Minister of Defense. Why would he risk his reputation by lying to us? Why would the British Minister of Defence be telling us the same about the cover up and the need to have the truth. Some of this disclosure involves executive orders, space weapons and for ward bases on the moon. How far we have moved down this technology road map? Who really is controlling the world and how much longer can the Alien cover up go on? This is a Minister of Defense of Canada asking these question. The message here is that we need an early and complete disclosure of the truth. This is wonderful news to be joining a new world order that includes our standing among the universe as a unique species. We think in our fictional culture we are more than ready and willing to accept the truth. It is time to see the aliens, know the truth and join with them as friends.