Paul Hellyer Canadian Defense Minister 2012 UFO

Published on December 02, 2012 with No Comments

If the Canadian Minister of Defense can be quoted as saying “Decades ago visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed… and offered to help”. Based on what both Ministers of defense from Canada and Britain are telling us can you still not believe that Aliens are among us. The world will change with this knowledge. Be ready to accept the truth, we need to make a change for the better, The message here is that there is a government inside the government now and even the President does not have the right to know. Amazing Executive Orders are now in place and the truth is being hidden from us. It is important for Americans to accept this new world order. Initial fear will grow from wonder to acceptance to knowledge. This knowledge is coming soon. We may find our selves witnessing a very eye opening TV spot from a very important lady diplomat. The idea would be to welcome the visitors as our long lost friends. It is quite possible the return that was promised is happening and the American people can no longer tell fact from fiction. The facts are out there. The truth is being hidden. We will be enlightened soon.