FBI Alien Crash Records

Published on December 01, 2012 with No Comments

This is an interesting but questionable FOX news cast on FBI documents and the witnessing of a saucer braking up over Utah in 1949. Most people still think the existences of Aliens in our past and in our present still needs to be proven. The reality is that most people especially Americans have been fed so much Alien malarkey that they will not believe a single more story. The problem is that the people are not doing their research and they are looking at the footage of space ships thinking photo shop and some crazy story. If there were Aliens and UFO’s the government would tell us, right? Big Brother is so fearful hear of what the knowledge could do to the fabric of our society that we maybe preparing for marshal law and internment camps. The US has yet to announce it but the British and the Canadian governments have openly stated the existence of Aliens on Earth and the US government to cover this up. How are you going to react when you hear the news? How will you look through the transparency to see the truth and gain knowledge of the light? We do not need to fear the new visitors but we do need to realize they exist. They are here and for now they are peaceful. With any new encounter and territorial distance the possibility of deception and aggression is a possibility. It is time to accept the truth and prepare ourselves for a new world. We are not alone on planet Earth.