Real Alien Interview in 2013?

Published on November 29, 2013 with No Comments

For a place that never existed in the past and only recently has become acknowledged as an operations center. I have to ask the question: why does Area 51 have the tightest security in the world? Is it because of the aircraft; like the Penetrator that is the replacement for the blackbird? Or is it because of something other worldly? Is this a real interview with a live alien? You be the judge. There is so much controversy over this video. Did we trade genetic material for alien technology? This is what Majestic-12 and Project Signal seems to relate. Have you seen it yet? We have reversed engineered the saucers. Both Bob Lazar and Boyd Bushman have made these claims amongst others. They tell us about a fuel Element 15 that should not exist, yet it can solve all of our worlds energy needs. Why are we still using rocket fuel when there is a technology that is quite possibly faster than light. For that matter why does a Theory of Relativity hold us to slower than light speed. It is still just a theory. I will be uploading some documents on faster than light travel theories in the near future. This is the beginning of the UFO age. The truth is out there. You may need to look beyond a UFO picture or video.