Nick Pope Release of UFO Archives

Published on December 02, 2012 with No Comments

Aliens knowingly have been visiting Earth in the last decades. Do not be skeptical any longer. The smoking gun in the UFO hunt is here. You have to look for it and believe what officials are telling us. The British are releasing their UFO information to the public. Exercise your freedom to have information and find the truth for your self. Nick Pope once ran the Government UFO project at the British Ministry of Defence. He is a leading researcher and investigator into the UFO phenomenon with access to classified government files. He is well understanding in the true existence of visitors to Earth. His findings have raised defence and national security issues. This is in regards to witnesses like military pilots, or where UFOs were tracked on radar. The existence of UFO’s in our world is huge wake up call for us all. We need to listen to what reputable people tell us. This message is from Nick Pope a former British Minister of Defence This gentlemen has made several formal announcements to the fact that the Aliens have returned. Americans are not listening. We have had too much hype for Aliens fed to us plus this 2012 the biggest hoax year of them all. Why would Nick Pope lie to us? Why would Paul Hellyer the former Canadian defense minister tell us the same thing? These are some of the most powerful men in the world telling us the truth what we are not allowed to know. It was Mr Pope’s responsibility to investigate UFO’s for the British. He is telling us he found them. These ministers are telling us that the people are largely disbelieving of Aliens, the US is covering up the truth and no one is really doing the research. This video is four years old and has about twenty two thousand views. The reality is that the Aliens are back for their gold and the world does not know. Primarily the videos we have here are new videos. They are videos that have less than one hundred thousands hits and many of them are less than ten thousand hits. Many of these videos are testimonies from leaders of the free world. The stories we present will weave alien visitors, mythology, religion and spirituality into the concepts we know them to day. At the very moment when America would least expect Aliens to come knocking, they apparently have come to visit. We will all realize the truth very soon.