US Government Alien Disclosure

Published on December 10, 2013 with No Comments

Former Air Force officers discuss their alien encounter and the instructions for nuclear launcher personal for what to do when dealing with aliens. Very specific details. Do we really need all this protocol for something that does not exist? Some one certainly believes there is a possibility that you may encounter aliens at a nuclear launch site. This is another great video from a reputable source. Robert Jamison is the man called to restart nuclear launch sites when they are shut down due to UFO activity. He has been called out on numerous times. What does it mean? He has seen them himself and they are causing havoc enough to shut down our launch facilities as a precaution. Charles Halt gives a detailed encounter of an alien encounter. These men do not want to ruin their reputations on rumors. The gist of this video is that the US government is now starting to disclose alien encounters. The trouble is even the people that witness them want the information hidden. The big question is whether you are ready for Aliens in your life?