The Year 2016 starts talks for disclosure

Published on March 12, 2016 with No Comments

Are new universal neighbors compatible in your views? How would your life change? Why are we at odds? The agency created to find alien life has finally decided to present the information to us that it is inevitable we make contact. Is NASA just a front office for obfuscating the USSS fleet? Astronomers guess there could be life in the universe based on five percent of all stars having an inhabitable planet orbiting around them. Over a thousand not counting moons. World leaders tell us that several species have been visiting us for thousands of years. More than a hundred confirmed liaisons. Why would the world leaders risk their reputations? Why can’t we all love our neighbors too? More and more digital evidence including radar imagery. More and more testimonies from world leaders and members of the military. Even the acceptance of Popes. Why has the Vatican changed their views of the Universe in the last few years and still we look past the truth. Why do Astronauts tell us that the administrations are incredibly deep in a white lie? What would it matter if they told us they had to obfuscate the development of the technology. I want to see the truth of the skies. No harm, no foul. They want to help us, we are untrustworthy and desire war and money,. So many Presidential quotes. I understand President Obama really wants to be the one to disclose. We are indeed be prepared in the last decade for the truth. It is only a matter of time before agencies like the FBI and CIA cooperate on their investigations. World acceptance is surely not an easy business. Now that this information is public domain and disclosure is close, quite possibly in 2016; it is a time marked with the knowledge we are not alone.